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Adopt-A-Family for Christmas 2023

Tis the Season for Giving

Adopt-A-Family for Christmas matches donors to former clients of Haven House or families that currently live at the shelter. We ask families what their needs and wants are as they are in their first year of stable housing. We also ask what clothing, shoes, and coat sizes are needed for their children and provide you with their wish lists. Every year we hear how thankful they are for the help and support through this program, so we hope you’ll join us for Adopt-A-Family for Christmas 2023! 

How to Adopt-A-Family for Christmas

The list of available families will be below for you to select the family size of your choice and their wish lists are linked so you can download them right away! Once you select a family email the family #, so your family can be removed from the list, marked as adopted, and we can keep track of those families still in need. Do not begin shopping for your family until you receive email confirmation the family has been adopted by you and being removed from the list as some families are selected after hours or over the weekend and the list has not been updated.

Gifts should be new and should not be wrapped, but we do ask that you label the gifts for each individual family member and include wrapping paper and tape during drop off.

Gifts will be dropped off at Haven House by appointment only M-F between 8am-5pm from December 1-20, no unscheduled drop-offs please
When you are finished shopping, please call the number below or email to schedule a drop-off during regular business hours.

*All families have been adopted but more families may be added up until mid-December. Please reach out to to learn if a new family has come available*

Adopt-A-Family Recipients 

If you’re interested in becoming a donor and/or have questions about the program please contact Chequoya Thomas or by phone at the shelter (517) 348-0691.

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Family Stories

Joe’s Story

Arriving at the shelter on foot, Joe’s weary steps echoed the journey he had endured. With the sale of the house he called home, he found himself grappling with a challenge too familiar to many: homelessness. With two children, a daughter name Maria and son named King, hindered by a low credit score and a past marked by two felonies, finding a way out seemed insurmountable. As days turned into weeks, Joe and his son found solace within the walls of Haven House, while Maria, engrossed in school activities, stayed with another family member. Through the guidance of the dedicated staff, Joe began to rebuild his life, one step at

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