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Adopt-A-Shelter 2023

Give to a Shelter Family

Shelter itemsHaven House provides basic needs for families in shelter, and for those families in our Partners in Progress program who have moved into their own homes. These items are occasionally purchased, but much of what our families receive was generously donated by members of the community.

Adopt-A-Shelter runs throughout the holidays for those looking to give back during the holiday season individually, as a group, or with a business. We are seeking new cleaning, hygiene, baby, and household items we provide in an exit package for our shelter families who move into their new homes and those in our aftercare program. The list of needed items can be found below and purchased from the store of your choice or conveniently found on our Amazon Wishlist which ships straight to our door!

All in person donations are being accepted Monday-Friday by appointment only. Please contact the Community Engagement Director by email or (517) 348-0691 to schedule your appointment. 

*If you are looking to host a donation drive, please email to discuss the drive items and potential drop-off date.*

Needed Items

Some items are specific in terms of size or make for practicality & convenient transport to families in housing.

Cleaning Supplies: 

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Paper Towel
  3. Kleenex 
  4. 13-Gallon Size Trash Bags
  5. All-Purpose Cleaner: 28 oz
  6. Liquid Laundry Detergent
  7. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer
  8. Dryer Sheets
  9. Bleach
  10. Carpet Cleaning Powder: 18 oz
  11. Disinfecting Wipes
  12. Disinfectant Spray
  13. Toilet Bowl Cleaner: 24 oz
  14. Toilet Brushes
  15. Dish Detergent: 32 oz
  16. Dishwasher Pods
  17. Scrub Sponges
  18. Glass Cleaner: 23 oz
  19. Ajax/Comet
  20. Broom & Dustpan
  21. String Mops
  22. Air Freshener

Hygiene Supplies:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Body Wash
  4. Kid’s Body Wash
  5. Men’s Body Wash
  6. Men’s Deodorant
  7. Men’s Shaving Cream
  8. Men’s Razors
  9. Women’s Deodorant
  10. Women’s Shaving Cream
  11. Women’s Razors
  12. Body Lotion

Baby Items:

  1. Newborn diapers
  2. Size 4 diapers
  3. Size 5 diapers
  4. Size 6 diapers
  5. Size 7 diapers
  6. Diaper Rash Cream
  7. Baby Wash
  8. Baby Shampoo
  9. Baby Lotion

Household Items:

  1. Pillows
  2. Twin XL mattress covers
  3. Twin XL sheet sets
  4. Twin XL comforters
  5. Full size sheet sets
  6. Full size comforters
  7. Queen size sheet sets
  8. Queen size comforters
  9. Bath Towels
  10. Hand Towels
  11. Wash Cloths
  12. Microwave
  13. Coffee Maker
  14. Crock Pot
  15. Pot & Pan Sets
  16. Toaster
  17. Blender
  18. Baking Pans: no glass
  19. Dinner Plates: no glass
  20. Salad Plates: no glass
  21. Bowls: no glass
  22. Cups: no glass
  23. Coffee Cups: no glass
  24. Silverware Sets
  25. Knife Sets
  26. Tupperware: no glass
  27. Shower Curtains/hooks

Our Amazon Wishlist list has many of these items listed as highest, high, medium, and low priority.
Those listed as highest priority are urgently needed at this time for shelter operations and others will be used throughout the year for families in shelter and their new homes. 

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Family Stories

Joe’s Story

Arriving at the shelter on foot, Joe’s weary steps echoed the journey he had endured. With the sale of the house he called home, he found himself grappling with a challenge too familiar to many: homelessness. With two children, a daughter name Maria and son named King, hindered by a low credit score and a past marked by two felonies, finding a way out seemed insurmountable. As days turned into weeks, Joe and his son found solace within the walls of Haven House, while Maria, engrossed in school activities, stayed with another family member. Through the guidance of the dedicated staff, Joe began to rebuild his life, one step at

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