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DouglasDouglas never expected to find himself homeless. As a single father of a two-year old son, he was panicked and unsure of what the future would hold for him and his young child. Not only was Douglas seeking housing, he was also striving to regain employment. He wondered if he’d ever be able to finish the advanced degree which he was just a few classes shy of completing.

While seeking solutions to his housing crisis, Douglas learned that Haven House shelters families with children, including single dads. After receiving help from friends and other local agencies with temporary accommodations, Douglas found that being sheltered by Haven House meant more than just a place to stay or access to basic needs like food, clothing, and transportation assistance.

When Douglas and his son entered shelter, he explained to staff that he had no food, identification, or transportation. Shelter staff and Douglas quickly got to work together to meet these basic needs, but also to make a plan for Douglas to secure a permanent home.

Our Shelter Coordinators worked closely with Douglas to assess his goals and what it would take to achieve them. Together they established a customized housing plan for Douglas and his son. Each day, Douglas took steps toward the goal of reaching affordable and permanent housing, including securing necessary identification documents and continuing his employment search. At the same time, it was important to support the mental and physical well-being of both father and son through an extremely stressful time.

Douglas was sheltered for 37 days, but it did not take nearly that long for him to realize the difference that Haven House was making in the lives of him and his son, who was just learning to talk.
Douglas describes Haven House staff as “people who can truly help.” He says Haven House is “an organization that understands and is ready and willing to help.” Douglas found that working with staff to create a housing plan customized for his family was vital to his successful journey to housing. This work is made possible thanks to your support!

Each day while in shelter, Douglas met with staff and approached his daily plans with sincerity and enthusiasm while searching for housing, applying for new state-issued identification, and seeking employment. His will and determination paid off: with the assistance of Haven House staff, Douglas was able to regain employment and reach permanent housing after less than six weeks in shelter.

Douglas is thankful for the impact Haven House supporters like you were able to make for him and his son. Speaking from his new home recently, Douglas emphasized that “Haven House is a great place for anyone who is sincere about improving their lives.” He mentioned specific staff members who were “very influential in giving me the tools I need to succeed.”

Douglas has traveled through adversity in his life, and he shares how much he has learned through his experience of homelessness, explaining, “I have learned a lot about myself during this time. My own inner strength to survive and fight for the lives of me and my children.” Your continued support helps families like Douglas’s along on their journeys to permanent housing and financial stability.

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