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Volunteer Stories

Big Hearts for Homeless Families

Volunteer Story – David

Last year, 1,568 volunteers helped the families here at Haven House for a total of 6,173 hours!  We are so grateful for our many volunteers who give their time and talents each week. Volunteers are involved in many ways including cooking dinner each night, playing with the kids in the playroom, working in our front office, helping with maintenance, assisting with special events, and so many other ways!  We are grateful for all of the wonderful people who help us each year.

Three of our long-time volunteers wanted to share with you their experiences at Haven House.  David (office volunteer), Morgan (playroom volunteer), and Alexis (dinner volunteer) each told us about their favorite Haven House moments and how they got involved.

David first got involved as an office volunteer three years ago.  Each Friday afternoon he sits in the front office and answers the phones.  He speaks with local families looking for shelter and asks them questions about their current housing crises and connects them with resources.

When David was looking for volunteer opportunities he chose Haven House because he wanted to support our mission of helping local homeless families.

We asked David what his favorite part of volunteering is, and he said “Two things. I enjoy seeing the kids come home from school to a place that is welcoming and safe. It’s fun accepting donations from so many kind people.”  David wanted to tell anyone who wants to learn more about volunteering, “The application process is easy and starts with completing the online form at the website. As with most volunteering, you’ll get back from Haven House more than you give!”

Volunteer Story – Morgan

We talked to Morgan Doyle next. Morgan has volunteered for four years in the playroom and has also cooked dinner and participated in our 5k. She first got involved with Haven House in college and has stayed involved ever since.

Morgan shared her favorite part of volunteering, “to interact directly with the people who reside there and getting to know them! The playroom is a place where the kids can go to enjoy their time and be a kid and get away from any worries going on.” 

Morgan encourages others to volunteer.  “Get involved! It makes a positive difference in your life and the lives of those you meet while volunteering! It is fulfilling and memorable!”

Volunteer Story – Alexis

We talked to Alexis next.  Alexis has volunteered cooking dinner for residents and with the Adopt-A-Family and Child programs since 2016.  She got involved because she was a teen parent and relied on a similar organization to assist her.  She told us, “I remember being so surprised that complete strangers wanted to help me – I had nothing to give back at the time, but I promised myself that I would pay it forward when I was able.”  Alexis also shares with us her love of cooking, so this was the perfect volunteering opportunity for her!

Alexis has advice to share.  “When I first started I was a little nervous that I would do something wrong or forget an important part of dinner prep or not finish on time. But that has never happened! The residents and staff have all been so kind, appreciative and easy going. If you feel moved to help or contribute in some way, just start by showing up and the rest will fall into place.”

Volunteers, like David, Morgan, and Alexis make a huge difference.  To learn how you can get involved visit our volunteer page.