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Brandi’s Story

Brandi's StoryBrandi, a working single mom with dreams of becoming a nurse, is a former Haven House resident. Despite holding a job and her own best efforts, Brandi found herself unable to provide her children with the security of a home. Early last year, complications from her pregnancy led Brandi to a one-month hospital stay.
To make things even worse, the joy of giving birth to her son was quickly accompanied by concerns over her newborn’s own medical issues. Brandi continued to spend time by her son’s side until he was eventually discharged. During this time, she was replaced at work.
Although Brandi was able to find a new job after her son’s release from the hospital, the hours did not provide enough income to secure a home. Brandi’s family moved in with a relative for a short stay, but it was a tight and increasingly stressful situation for all. Brandi was anxious to get back on her feet again. She needed to find a home of her own—but she needed help. 

Thanks to your support, a call to Haven House made all the difference. You provided Brandi and her children the shelter, compassionate support, help with budgeting, and fresh beginning they needed. You gave Brandi’s family hope and the opportunity to jump-start their life again by making crucial services possible.

Brandi continued to work as many hours as she could during her stay in shelter. In a little over a month, she moved her family into their own rental! And thanks to the services you provided, on the day she moved Brandi was confident that her budget planning would allow her to remain stable in her new home.

Brandi attends classes at a local community college and is working hard toward her goal of becoming a nurse. She continues to care for her children and provide for their needs. Since reaching home, Brandi has been careful to systematically pay off her debt. She also watched her credit score improve during her year-long participation in our unique Partners in Progress follow-up program.
Thanks to your kindness, Brandi now has a hopeful future and new outlook on life!

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