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Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Donate an Honorary or Memorial Gift

Donations to Haven House may be made as honorary or memorial contributions. If you wish to provide us with additional information, so that we may send a notification of your gift to the honoree or a relative, or if you find an error or omission, please email us or call (517) 337-2731. We attempt to post all honorary and memorial gift recognition monthly.

Honorary and Memorial Contributions

since 10/1/2023

In memory of Katie Cross
from Elizabeth Waldon Bacon

In memory of Catherine Cross
from Joy & Lee Jacobs

In memory of Ron Uken
from Doug & Kathy Johnson

In memory of Richard Wood
from Mary & Thomas Naab
from James & Rosanne Klunzinger
from Robert & Barbara Simon

In memory of Zane Balks-Russell
from Cynthia Lawrence

In honor of BI

In memory of Leslie Kissinger-Houang
from Houang Family
from Elizabeth Can & Ciedric Chan 
from Tim & Pam Humphreys
from Jerry & Carole Dogson

In memory of Ronnie Patoproty

In memory of Billy Hundt

In memory of David

In memory of Grace Hoffer

In memory of Mary McNeely

In memory of Kevin A. Kelly
from Jamie, Dan, and Michael Kelly & The K.A.K. Network

In memory of Daniel Kortemeyer
from Sandra Seaton

In memory of Louise Carlson
from Janet Brock
from Wendy and Bernard Pope

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Family Stories

Joe’s Story

Arriving at the shelter on foot, Joe’s weary steps echoed the journey he had endured. With the sale of the house he called home, he found himself grappling with a challenge too familiar to many: homelessness. With two children, a daughter name Maria and son named King, hindered by a low credit score and a past marked by two felonies, finding a way out seemed insurmountable. As days turned into weeks, Joe and his son found solace within the walls of Haven House, while Maria, engrossed in school activities, stayed with another family member. Through the guidance of the dedicated staff, Joe began to rebuild his life, one step at

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