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Demario and Sabrina

Demario & SabrinaIn the spring of 2016, Demario and Sabrina were both seeking work, and were quickly falling behind on their bills. When they could no longer keep up with rent, the family found themselves seeking temporary shelter.

Haven House was the only shelter that allowed them to stay together with their children without having to separate. While in shelter, both parents worked hard to get a budget planned and seek housing options while still trying to secure employment.

As a result of their hard work and perseverance they were able to secure affordable housing in less than thirty days.  With the guidance your support makes possible through our re-housing program, Sabrina quickly obtained employment at a local restaurant chain and Demario is also working, at a factory in Lansing.  Since moving to their own home, both parents have been active participants in our Partners in Progress program which helps them set and achieve long-term goals. 

Demario & Sabrina & FamilyThey successfully maintain their housing by following the monthly budget they have identified and making sure their rent and utilities are paid on time every month before other expenses. Demario and Sabrina feel that the community in Lansing has been very supportive for them. Your support has helped them through this transition and they are very grateful. 

It has been comforting for them to see their children make friends with their neighbors and hope to see these relationships continue over the years. Demario said this is the first time they have had the space of a home (instead of an apartment) in a quiet neighborhood.

Demario and Sabrina are proud that their children see them going to work every day and feel this teaches them how to be independent.  Their advice for other families is to “stay focused and just do what you have to do.”



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