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John and Angela Tell Their Story

John & AngelaOver three years ago, the Smiths were facing multiple crises: “We had a house fire…all the property was completely destroyed. The smoke destroyed it all,” John remembers (names have been changed).

Other shelters could take Angela and the girls, “but not us together.” Haven House welcomed the family, including John who at the time was also recovering from being struck by a car. “I had a traumatic brain injury.  They were very open…it was remarkable, they worked with us really well.” Angela says that while in shelter, our re-housing program became”the foundation for everything we have, as far as learning how to be better with money. Not just to budget, but to plan.”

“There’s been a rollercoaster of situations in our life,” Angela explains. “The house we’re in now, we’ve been there for two years, almost two-and-a-half.” John added that our follow-up program contributed to the family gaining long-term stability after leaving shelter for a home of their own again. “There was continuous checking in, help managing money, that was really helpful for us.”

Angela says that successfully completing Haven House’s shelter and re-housing programs required significant effort on their part, saying “the program works, if you actually work.” Even though John and Angela have successfully completed our Partners in Progress program, they remain grateful for the skills they gained from our staff, which they use every day to organize and improve their own lives. So even now, more than two years after leaving shelter, Angela still says “Haven House–they’re helping us.”   Donate now to help a family >>


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Family Stories

Joe’s Story

Arriving at the shelter on foot, Joe’s weary steps echoed the journey he had endured. With the sale of the house he called home, he found himself grappling with a challenge too familiar to many: homelessness. With two children, a daughter name Maria and son named King, hindered by a low credit score and a past marked by two felonies, finding a way out seemed insurmountable. As days turned into weeks, Joe and his son found solace within the walls of Haven House, while Maria, engrossed in school activities, stayed with another family member. Through the guidance of the dedicated staff, Joe began to rebuild his life, one step at

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