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Logan’s Story

Logan's StoryLogan is no stranger to staying busy. Being a mom of four small children, and working long hours as a waitress to support her family, has made her an ace at time management. From the moment Logan and her children entered Haven House, she worked hard to meet her goals quickly. She successfully worked two jobs while in shelter, saved money, and secured her own affordable housing for her family again.

Logan had struggled to maintain housing for herself and the kids after their father left the family. She and her kids tried staying with family members, but knew they needed to get into a home of their own again. Logan feels she would not have been able to get her children into their own home so quickly without the help you provided through our shelter and re-housing programs. As Logan says, “The staff at Haven House taught me how to manage my money. Everyone was so helpful.” 

Logan's StorySince leaving shelter for their own home, Logan’s family has been one of our Partners in Progress. Parents in this program complete a monthly budget to help focus on paying rent and utilities before other expenses. They also receive support working toward short- and long-term goals, and get updates on local resources. Logan is very grateful for the generosity of donors for the hygiene items and cleaning supplies she receives through your support of this crucial follow-up program.

Now that Logan has gotten her family comfortable in their new home, she plans to further her education. She believes a career in the medical field is her calling, as a chance to pay forward the good will she has received. Logan practices patience and understanding with her children and those around her. She feels that these skills are transferable with how she wants to earn a living.

Logan said, “During my stay at Haven House, I learned from the stories of other families in the same situation. The families supported each other and it was a very positive environment.” Logan is a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success!

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Family Stories

Shelly’s Story

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